Cool Tool | Brainscape Smart Flashcard Learning Platform

Here’s a cool tool that will help you become a better learner in less than half the time! Brainscape is a smart flashcard learning platform available on the web as well as in nearly 30 apps on iTunes. Similar to the flashcards you used to create on index cards, but much more efficient, Brainscape repeats flashcards in exactly the pattern your brain needs for maximum memory retention (based on your own confidence rating of each flashcard). Brainscape’s concept of smart, convenient web/mobile flashcards is comparable to the idea supported by Quizlet, only Brainscape’s marketplace consists only of complete, premium, flashcard-based curricula created by their learning scientist partners (e.g. conjugations, GRE vocab, and bartending basics), rather than a fully open universe of loose individual user-generated decks. With Brainscape you can easily create and share your own content online. If you have the apps, you can even synch your progress between your online account and iPhone so you never lose your progress. This Wednesday Brainscape is launching their newest and most comprehensive language app, Brainscape Spanish, which can teach you an entire language from your iPhone. Brainscape Spanish employs their Confidence Based Repetition system, but also a brand new learning methodology that their Columbia, MIT, and Yale degree-holding researchers developed in order to teach you a whole language from your phone! Find Brainscape Spanish on iTunes.

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