Cool Tool | Alleyoop for Students

Today’s students face an enormous challenge when it comes to being ready for college and a 21st-century workplace that demands creative problem-solving, critical thinking, time management skills and leadership. Only one in six high school freshmen go on to graduate from college on time. Alleyoop is an online college readiness network for teens, built to let teens empower themselves and their academic careers. Using tailored guidance to asses each individual student, Alleyoop places teens on a path for college readiness. Students are given access to rich educational content that includes live tutors, dynamic videos, surveys and engaging quizzes from a host of partners. The entire Alleyoop experience is structured as a game. Students conquer missions that adapt to their long-term goals and needs, while earning achievements and rewards. For the next couple of weeks, Alleyoop is offering 250 free Yoops (virtual currency) to any new teens (13-18) who register.


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