Trends | Infographic: The Gamefication of Education

Gamification of Education

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

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2 Responses to Trends | Infographic: The Gamefication of Education

  1. This really brings it to the point. It has become so importaint to concentrate on developing different competencies of students. Game-based learning addresses this aspect adding motivational aspects to that. We have developed an Open Source platform that makes the game-development-process “feelable” to students – they create their own adventure games for any subject & topic becoming content-creators and working together with others. Take a look at

  2. Liam Bayer says:

    Thank you for this great graphic. Pivot Learning Partners has a web-based social network for students called WY5 that connects under-resourced students to a team of adults who support their educational, career and life interests throughout high school, college and beyond. Through WY5 youth learn how to cultivate their interests, motivation, and sense of purpose. WY5 offers an interactive space in which students can establish and share their self-determined goals and plans, and learn how to build the social capital they will need to graduate from college. We’re working on developing motivational tools and this graphic gives us motivation to build in some gamification.

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