Cool Tool | Adobe EchoSign’s E-Signature Solution

For school administrators, paper contracts have always been frustrating, as they are both time-consuming and expensive. Adobe EchoSign’s electronic signature solution helps schools save time and money while increasing their sustainability efforts. Using e-signatures means that there’s no waiting to receive a fax or a document through the mail. Alternatively, an e-signature solution like Adobe EchoSign can complete contracts significantly faster than the time it takes to complete any of the processes involved in finalizing a paper contract. In fact, customers close deals in an average time of 42 minutes. Such a solution automates the entire signature process from the request for signature to the distribution and filing of the executed agreement or form. There is nothing to download, learn or install, making the process an extremely fast and secure way to get contracts signed, tracked and filed. Schools, especially colleges and universities, are notorious for having large amounts of paperwork. E-signatures can be used to improve common processes such as internal approvals, student authorization forms, technical services agreements and intricate memorandums. Adopting a Web-based contracting system reduces wasted time so employees can spend their time working on more important tasks. It saves money, too. Think about all of the steps to sending a simple letter, like buying stamps and envelopes. Chances are if you’re sending an important document like a contract, you’re spending money on larger envelopes and more stamps or shipping services. Not to mention paying for the extra cost if the contract needs to be sent across the country or even internationally. When signing a contract only requires a few clicks of a mouse, the school completely bypasses this expensive process and saves a significant amount of money. Many universities and colleges are becoming more conscious of their sustainability efforts, which are rapidly expanding. Large institutions leave behind a huge paper trail, but with e-signatures, this trail can be significantly lessened. Cloud contracting helps schools run efficiently by allowing important contracts to be completed faster, saving money that can then be used in other areas. As a bonus, cloud contracting also increases sustainability. Visit to try a free demo or register for an account.

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