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icurio is a
digital curriculum content solution that is uniquely designed for personalized teaching and self-directed student learning. From the makers of Knovation (formerly netTrekker; “netTrekker search” still exists but is yet another offering from Knovation) the solution provides personalized student learning features that allow them to:

·       Build and organize content collections on their own topics or access specific topic-based content organized and prepared by their teachers

·       Connect with information in different formats such as videos, time based resources and images

·       Make learning fun with educator selected learning games and interactive online experiences, including a selected Game of the Week

·       Access customized ELL/ESL features that build vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, reading comprehension, and writing skills.

·       Extend learning beyond the classroom and beyond the school day with 24/7 web-based access from school or home.

icurio’s teacher-focused features include:

·       300,000+ standards-aligned digital resources focused on safety and relevancy

·       24/7 web-based access from school or home

·       Content and instruction aligned to state standards allows for annual curriculum planning and daily lesson planning for the classroom

·       Seamlessly integrates into many other programs to help facilitate print-to-digital transition and maximize technology investment

·       Adds digital content from popular learning portals including BrainPOP®, Defined STEM, National Science Teachers Association, Weekly Reader Express and Learnetic Math and Science

·       Easily save and share content with a class, a school or an entire district

Check it out for yourself, right here.



  1. Building any type of skill that requires pronunciation (such as ELL) is tricky without having demonstrations. That’s why digital curriculum is gaining in popularity in ELL and reading language arts classes around the world. An instructor can demonstrate sounds to more students with online learning programs.

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