Cool Tool | Mendeley: Changing the Way We Do Research

A free reference manager, academic social network and crowdsourced research catalog, Mendeley helps researchers organize their documents, collaborate and share with others online and discover the latest research. Through both a desktop application and website, this tool lets researchers build personal research libraries. Users can index and categorize their documents, generate citations and bibliographies, discover people with similar research interests and form online groups to help stay up to date on what their colleagues are reading. More than 225 million documents have been uploaded to Mendeley. Through crowdsourcing of the metadata from this rapidly growing dataset, Mendeley uses ‘collaborative filtering’ to learn about what researchers’ interests and preferences are. The more documents added to Mendeley, the more it learns what topics and papers connect researchers together. This allows research to be automatically recommended to users based on who they are as individuals, as well as generating real-time data which provides insight in to how academics collect, read, share and annotate their research. Through the combination of document and reference management, online networking and crowdsourcing, this saves researchers’ time whilst also ensuring the widest possible understanding and access to academic literature. For an in-depth interview about Mendeley, click here.

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