Infographic: A Teacher’s Guide to Social Media

A Teacher’s Guide to Social Media

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  4. This is critical for two reasons. 1) Students need to understand how to use the various networks in a professional capacity. 2) If you want to connect with people, you need to meet them where they are.

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    Fascinating graphic about using social media in the classroom!

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    A great way to start the year from a Professional Development Session standpoint.

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    Social media in teaching

  8. Social Media, once thought to distract the mind from learning is now one of the top techniques of teaching. In my experience hands-on is the most beneficial learning way for students, therefore flashcards are very effective. Not only are there constantly new questions but does not take long to prepare for. When I conduct hair salon training courses there is only so much that I can teach throughout the day. However, with ‘how to’ videos the learning can continue outside of the classroom. Social media is extremely useful and soon will be the only way that things are taught. Thank you for some more ideas of how I can use social media in my classes.
    -Dee Sarwan

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