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wordpress classroomI would love them just the way they are, but these guys are constantly improving, so my affinity has only grown for — and now they’ve gone and introduced for Classrooms, so if you’re in charge of a classroom, or in an educational setting where this makes perfect sense — then don’t miss out. is one of the best blogging solutions around, and now their Happiness Engineers have really outdone themselves with a tool for engaging with students, connecting with parents, sharing with colleagues, socializing, learning and so on. “Whether you need a group blog for your high school history project, or to keep your 3rd grade students’ parents up to date about the next field trip, you’ll find the solution here at,” writes Caroline Moore for There are plenty of cool designs to choose from. You can embed videos, customize your site, upload images and more. Here are a few examples of educator-built sites using Yes, there are some paid upgrades available, but rest assured that even without the upgrades, is still a pretty sweet deal.

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