Cool Tool | SlateMath for Kids

SlateMath imageLast week New York-based edtech company Slate Science launched its new STEM educational app called SlateMath K-1 to address a global frustration with math learning. The intuitive app takes children on a journey of playful explorations that guide them through the process of acquiring seven kindergarten and first grade math fundamentals, including: Counting, Writing Digits, Addition, Comparison and Order, Parity, Patterns, and Problem Solving. Kids master these topics through a progression of 30 engaging activities designed to highlight a well-defined mathematical concept, skill, or insight. The app is free to use, available in multiple languages and can be found in Apple’s App Store. Professor Shimon Schocken, one of the company’s co-founders says SlateMath has two purposes: “The first is to teach math proper through fun, self-paced and engaging discovery, and the second is to expose children to the ways mathematicians think and reason about the world.” Check it out for yourself.

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