Cool Tool | SofTest-M for iPad

SofTestM ExamSoftDallas-based exam management and analytics company, ExamSoft, has launched a cool app called SofTest-M that is changing the way students use iPads. One of the first secure offline exam delivery application of its kind for the iPad, SofTest-M restricts access to other applications and blocks the Internet during an exam. Designed with students in mind, the app enables users to view a single question at a time, cross off eliminated answers, and “flag” questions for review later. ExamSoft has a long, proven track record of delivering exams offline to enhance schools’ administrative flexibility, security, convenience, and also eliminates connectivity and reliability issues often associated with traditional testing solutions. “Universities face complex challenges, serving students who come in with high expectations for leveraging their laptops, iPads, and smart phones on campus,” says David Schnabel, ExamSoft president. “That’s why we’ve developed a flexible solution that enables students to use any or all of these devices, without burdening their schools’ wireless infrastructure.” And that’s why you should have a look. The app is now available in the App Store. Check it out for yourself.

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