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SOO METAIf you’re flipping your classroom or want to engage your students by letting them build mixed media stories, then Soo Meta, a new digital storytelling platform is a tool for you. Teachers and students can collect, sort, edit and present web content in a different way; it helps tell quick stories by using videos, pictures, text and sound from online sources. This is how it works: after signing up you just search for Web content with a search tool or paste links to items you want to use, then you can start remixing them into a new story. You can trim videos, resize images and edit the text and define the layout changes at any given point in time. The result is a video presentation which can be shared or embedded on a page as well as played on mobile devices. It’s really simple to use: complex stories can be created in minutes through a fun process combining material research with a cool creation experience. Soo Meta’s new mashup format can be best used for learning stories, short documentaries, video presentations of any topic in class or in digital space. Try it and see.

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  1. Cannot login to Soo Meta. After filling out info it states “no user”.


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