Cool Tool | FLEXCAT from Lightspeed

FLEXCAT from LightspeedNow it’s possible for teachers to be in two, three or even six places at once in a classroom setting with FLEXCAT. Lightspeed designed this audio system for group learning to provide teachers with the flexibility they need for small group and differentiated instruction, specifically to enhance teacher-student and student-student communication. Teachers are able to monitor small groups, quickly redirect off-task behaviors and encourage student collaboration, to increase the quality of the time teachers have with their students. Beyond these more obvious benefits, it is being put to use to assist with formative assessments in the classroom. With it, teachers are able to listen in to student groups, hear who is actually participating and gauge their individual understanding of a subject or topic. Because teachers are able to monitor from a different location and without students knowing, they are able to get a quick and more accurate assessment of which students understand, interact and contribute. Check it out.

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