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Education Growth Advisors paperToday, technologies offered by companies as diverse as U.S.-based Knewton, CogBooks, from Scotland, Smart Sparrow, founded in Australia, and Cerego, first launched in Japan, as well as numerous other organizations are delivering solutions based on the science of cognition and learning, according to a new whitepaper by Adam Newman, Peter Stokes and Gates Bryant of Education Growth Advisors, a revenue strategy consulting and advisory firm. “These solutions can support individualized educational experiences at a scale that is genuinely ‘adaptive’,” they write. And if you’ve heard of some of these companies, it’s likely you already know a thing or two about adaptive learning. In the era of MOOC mania, competency-based credentials, and “complicated policy debates about how best to increase access to higher education while simultaneously reducing costs and maintaining quality” – well, adaptive learning is in some respects higher education’s best-kept secret. But that could well be about to change. Read Learning to Adapt: A Case for Accelerating Adaptive Learning in Higher Education and find out why.

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