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CREDIT adapt coursewareGoing beyond the static reading and multiple choice assessments found in much adaptive curriculum today, Adapt Courseware personalizes the learning experience for each student with dynamic, animated lectures and hands-on, digital multimedia interactives. With content specifically designed for adaptive, multimedia delivery, more students stay engaged and course completion rates go up. Real time visual feedback supports engagement and increases active learning time. The company is grounded in five evidence-based fundamental approaches to instruction and motivational support: effective multimedia, mastery learning, optimal challenge, student choice, and social learning. In such a feature-rich environment, students choose how they learn so they learn effectively and stay motivated. At-risk students are specifically more engaged and retained, changing average learners into mastery learners. High-performing students are challenged at exactly the right level with multi-concept, applied interactives. Outcome studies demonstrate double digit increases in student success and retention with comparable or improved learning when measured against traditional curriculum. For more information about this comprehensive online curriculum resource, visit

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