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LiveSchool AppA digital platform created for teachers, by teachers, LiveSchool is a new educational technology that tracks student behavior and helps to improve school culture. LiveSchool allows educators to record student achievements, behavioral issues and general class culture on a variety of devices and digital platforms, allowing for data to be easily shared and integrated into the school’s educational strategy. According to LiveSchool executives, the technology cuts down on the hours teachers spend tracking behavior, at an average of two hours per teacher, per week — in the schools that have adopted the technology. The platform also provides a better and more consistent behavioral framework for students. In the more than 60 schools nationwide that have implemented LiveSchool, administrators report 75 percent fewer suspensions and detentions and 30 percent fewer classroom disruptions overall. The tool synthesizes the token economy incentive system and the positive behavior interventions and support (PBIS) model into a hybridized system with clear expectations for students, common tracking methods for all teachers and consistent outcomes that improve school culture as a whole. Since its founding less than two years ago, the company’s solutions have rapidly spread to more than 1,200 teachers and administrators, who are using the technology daily to create more positive and inclusive learning communities. Learn more.

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