Cool Tool | MimioCapture

MimioCaptureFrom Mimio, developer of interactive teaching technologies, comes the updated MimioCapture ink recorder system, which automatically saves anything written or drawn on the MimioBoard fixed interactive whiteboard or the MimioTeach portable IWB system to a classroom computer. With one click, teachers can convert handwriting into font-based text, enabling them to build and edit a collection of lesson notes that can be reused in future classes or printed as student handouts. Mimio updated MimioCapture to make the system portable and more user-friendly via a portable desktop charging station and a pen and eraser holder that adheres to any surface via magnets or 3M strips and metal plates that affix to non-metal surfaces. The system comes with four rechargeable dry erase Expo pens in red, green, blue and black for creating the whiteboard notes and pictures. What’s really cool is, whenever users switch between the dry erase pens and the interactive whiteboard stylus, the system immediately recognizes which tool they are using. MimioCapture also integrates with MimioStudio 11, the latest version of Mimio’s classroom software that allows up to nine groups of students to work simultaneously on an interactive whiteboard. Check it out.

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