Cool Tool | Bloomboard

BloomBoardThis year, over 100,000 educators across more than 30 states will use BloomBoard, a platform designed to support educator coaching, feedback, and development. Teachers can develop individualized learning plans based on both self-directed and recommended professional development and goals for growth. Recommendations are tailored to each educator based on information collected from a observation and coaching platform and other external (e.g. SIS) systems. By supporting the individual needs of educators, teachers are better able to understand which PD resources have the greatest impact on their performance and on student achievement and growth. They’re also able to explore various new areas for growth and development using a wide range of resources available on the solution’s PD marketplace, including articles, podcasts, webcasts, workshops, and live events. Whether teachers are trying to reach specific accreditation or certification goals, implement new curriculum, or engage students more effectively, this company provides a powerful and effective solution. Inspired by teachers and built by educators, it’s worth a look for the upcoming school year. Check it out.

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