Cool Tool | Twibfy

TwibfyIn the education space, Twibfy is particularly useful for students working in art, design and film — virtually any visual medium. The site provides students operating within the digital arts space a platform to quickly showcase their projects, as well as highlight the ones from which they drew inspiration. Twibfy has a number of built-in features that allow students to quickly and easily share, organize, submit and discover high quality images and video. The search feature gives students quick access to the visual content they’re looking for — without having to waste time digging through irrelevant images and video. “Searches can even be narrowed by color, a feature we haven’t seen anywhere else,” says David Robustelli, founder and creative director of this Netherlands-based company. The collection feature provides students an option to organize content they’ve discovered or showcase the content they’ve produced themselves. The share feature gives the option to create relevant collections for projects together with other students within their own private environment. By submitting their work, students are given a platform to showcase their portfolio with ease due to the platform’s deep integration with popular social networks. This integration also allows Twibfy users to collect feedback, collaborate and connect with other users of similar interest. “These are some of the key ways we see Twibfy, as it stands, adding value to students,” says David. “That said, the educational value of Twibfy has not yet been fully realized.” As the platform and its features continue to expand, so too expands its possible utilities in academia. Check it out for yourself.


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