Cool Tool | QuizBean

CREDIT QuizBeanAn online tool for instant student assessment via the web, QuizBean lets you add students quickly to your dashboard and assign them to classes. From the dashboard, you can see who has taken each quiz and their score all on one screen. The quiz reports are completed using instant scoring. Results are automatically sent to your teacher dashboard when students complete your quiz. Now, you instantly know how your students did and where they may have tripped up. Plus, you can know who may need some extra study time. This is facilitated through a process similar to sending an email. You just send a unique quiz link to your students and they take the quiz as usual. Further, you don’t have to send the quiz to the entire class, you can pick and choose; send a quiz to students who stayed after school for extra help – or an entire biology class. Create a quiz, assign it to students and hit send. Check it out for yourself.

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