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CREDIT Camp Discovery autism toolThe Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) has released Camp Discovery, a learning app designed to teach new skills to children with autism spectrum disorders. Grounded on evidence-based teaching principles, Camp Discovery houses a growing suite of educational games. Camp Discovery incorporates many reinforcing features to keep the learner motivated as well as teaching procedures to allow each learner to progress at his or her own pace. Using a most-to-least prompting system, Camp Discovery guides the child to answer correctly, giving each learner the level of assistance they need to be most successful. The app includes many features that appeal to educators. Camp Discovery allows for multiple player profiles and includes graphs to track each learner’s progress. Data can also be synced between devices, so a child may work from one device in the classroom then continue their work from another device at home. Using Camp Discovery’s adjustable settings, educators can customize each child’s learning experience and control what he or she is working on. Upcoming Camp Discovery lessons include colors, shapes, numbers, letters, emotions, community helpers and much more. Camp Discovery is designed for children ages 2 and up. The app is free and currently available for iPad and Android devices.

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