Cool Tool | EvaluationKIT Text Analytics

CREDIT EvaluationKITStudent’s text-based course evaluation and survey responses offer important insights to an institution, but reading and analyzing massive amounts of student comments one-by-one has meant an enormous drain on operational and technical resources, until now. EvaluationKIT’s breakthrough in the use of text analytics allows college and university administrators to examine valuable, qualitative student feedback in ways never before possible. An institution can now gain a more meaningful and complete picture of student feedback regardless of the sheer volume of responses. The detailed summary reports provide the opportunity to identify key themes that students are writing in about, as well as how strongly they feel about these topics. EvaluationKIT Text Analytics is fully integrated into the company’s existing online reporting functionality, making it easy for a school to select the exact survey questions they want analyzed and automatically receive comprehensive reports. Schools no longer have to rely on just Likert-type items as the basis for aggregated survey feedback, but can efficiently and effectively analyze thousands of responses and truly glean the richness of student write-in feedback. Check it out here.

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