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CREDIT TGfUNicholas Stratigopoulos is a physical and health education teacher based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is a graduate from McGill University’s physical and health education program and a master’s candidate in Concordia University’s educational technology program. Through his educational apps, Nicholas encourages physical and health education teachers all around the world to enable their students to adopt a more healthy and active lifestyle. TGfU Games PE provides physical education teachers and physical activity specialists with instant access to more than 200 games and activities that can be readily incorporated into their lesson plans.TGfU is an acronym for Teaching Games for Understanding, a modern approach to teaching games in a deeper and more authentic manner, with the focus on tactical understanding and transference of strategies across games. Within the educational app, games and activities are sorted alphabetically as well as categorically by TGfU category or by sport. Each game and activity includes the recommended grade level, equipment needed, tactical problems, rules of play, safety, variations and progressions, and last but not least, a diagram. Additionally, TGfU Games PE allows users to bookmark their favorite games to a list for a quick and easy reference. Don’t know where to start? Tap or shake for a random game. Planning a lesson for a substitute teacher to run? The ability to print out games and activities makes TGfU Games PE ideal for these situations. TGfU facilitates the delivery of fun-filled and highly effective lessons for children through its comprehensive collection of games and activities. Check it out.

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