Cool Tool | Allowance Manager

CREDIT Allowance ManagerThis online and mobile tool empowers kids grades K-12 to save and spend their allowance money wisely. Created by a family for families, it enables parents and kids to track their allowance deposits and spending and provides children with a firsthand experience with money. It makes it easy for parents to impart money-handling skills in an enjoyable and engaging way for kids by giving their child allowance through automatic deposits to a prepaid debit card called the AllowanceCard.  The platform helps establish and maintain trust between children and parents as kids do not need to ask for allowance and parents do not forget to give it to them. The Allowance Manager app offers a quick and simple way for parents to oversee and manage how kids spend their money through the app’s text and email notifications of transactions. The app can be viewed from any web-connected device including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Fire Phone and Windows Mobile.

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