Trends | Student Technology Leaders

Get a good idea of how more than 400 students in Los Angeles are supporting 1-to-1 efforts and technology integration through the video above. They’re doing it through GenYES 1:1, which prepares Student Technology Leaders (STLs) teams that become responsible for deployment, maintenance, and integration of laptops, tablets, or other devices provided to all teachers and students. The program provides the online resources and environment necessary to prepare a team of STLs. This program proves to be especially important in 1:1 rollouts to provide just-in-time support for teachers and students. Modeling appropriate use of technology for learning becomes a student-led effort, increasing ownership and buy-in from students and parents for new technology initiatives. Generation YES provides the preparation, training, implementation and evaluation necessary for any 1-to-1 initiative. Dennis Harper, widely recognized as one of the world’s eminent leaders in the field of technology in education has been instrumental in bringing computers and the Internet into thousands of schools in more than thirty nations. As founder and CEO of Generation YES, Harper believes that teams of well-prepared K-12 students are the key strategy for realizing meaningful technology integration. All Generation YES programs have STLs at the center.


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