Cool Tool | Sparkup Magical Book Reader

CREDIT Sparkup Magical Book ReaderThe Sparkup Magical Book Reader enables parents, relatives and friends to create personalized audio recordings of any illustrated children’s book, so that the children in their lives can listen, read along and feel connected even when apart. This helps kids to practice their reading skills while also providing the emotional connection of a loved one’s voice. The Reader can store up to 50 books at a time, and is a perfect way to encourage children to read even when they’re not at schoolFurthermore, the Reader enables children to create their own multimedia experiences. A child armed with imagination, blank paper and something to draw with can create his/her own short book and bring it to life with the Reader, adding sound effects, voice narratives and even music. Designed for children ages 3 through 8, the Reader attaches to the top of a book and records the user’s voice while tracking each page via its built-in camera. Afterwards, any time the device is re-attached to that book, the camera recognizes its images and plays the appropriate recording for each pageIt is available for purchase on Amazon or for $59.99.

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