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CREDIT NeatThe Neat Company, a leading provider of smart organization systems, offers a suite of tools (cloud, mobile, desktop software and hardware) that help those in the education field get organized. Three areas in education where Neat solutions work best:

  1. School boards handle a great deal of paperwork ranging from students’ health records to financial and tax documents. NeatCloud can help school systems organize and file these documents and make it easy to share between the board office and various schools.
  1. Individual schools house guidance counselors, nurses’ offices, and libraries that produce an incredible amount of documents that need to be maintained for each student. With Neat’s smart organization system, this vital information can be scanned, stored and updated for each student.
  1. Teachers can use Neat’s products to grade, scan and share their students’ work, making it accessible to both students and parents, so everyone is able to track his or her progress. Additionally, teachers can use the NeatConnect to scan receipts and create expense reports for classroom items they have purchased.

Neat helps users organize, access and share both paper and digital documents simplifying everyday tasks so teachers and schools have more time to get to what matters. Check them out.

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