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Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 4.50.57 PMThere are various factors to look at when considering edtech for your classroom: What tools will be most engaging? What solutions will your school actually want to use on a daily basis? What is reasonably affordable? What are the expected long-term benefits? Among some of the more engaging concepts and tools available today are 3D stereoscopic, portable interactive whiteboards and academic skill-building video game software which harness the full potential of powerful educational technology — equipping teachers and students with easy-to-use, flexible and affordable solutions for dynamic learning experiences and increased achievement. Referred to as “roving AV solutions,” the latest and greatest in 3D, portable interactive whiteboards, custom broadcasting capability and wireless iPad/Android mirroring solutions from innovator AVRover, for example, deliver more than the sum of their components; they give teachers the ability to bring high quality audio and projection anywhere in the school environment, anytime they need – events, assemblies, parent teacher conferences, gym class, faculty meetings, etc. Similarly, cutting-edge video game tools from pioneer BrainWare Safari are leveraging decades of research and proven techniques to provide the most comprehensive, effective and engaging applications. These video game solutions are designed to enhance 41 cognitive skills essential for everyday learning and performing, using a cross-training approach. Students can have fun while developing their attention, memory, thinking, visual and auditory processing, and sensory integration. When paired together, the AVRover and BrainWare Safari offerings deliver optimal audio-visual benefits to the teaching and learning process. See if they’re an actual fit for your classroom; learn more at:, or distributor

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