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CREDIT EdTechLensTeaching complex science concepts like photosynthesis and the water cycle can be difficult for elementary educators because young students still rely heavily on their senses to learn. To bridge the gap between the senses and these concepts, EdTechLens has launched its first online curriculum, Rainforest Journey. Using the rainforest as its backdrop, the subscription-based and standards-aligned online curriculum uses high-resolution original photographs and video, along with primary source reading passages to bring these concepts to life. Rainforest Journey accommodates different reading levels for grades K-5. Students can read short passages, enriched passages or can listen to the passages. This leveled content helps meet the needs of different student populations, including homeschoolers, gifted and talented students, students with special needs and non-readers. To aid teachers in instruction, Rainforest Journey shows which standards each lesson addresses—specifically Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and New York State Learning Standards—and includes the LexileTM and word counts for each of the reading passages to ensure that students are reading on skill level. The program includes three different types of assessments and scores are saved in the system for easy grading and gauging of student understanding. To sample free lessons from Rainforest Journey, click here.

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