Cool Tool | Curriculum Tags

CREDIT FollettFor teachers or librarians looking for high-quality content to strategically build or expand their collection, as well as support their curriculum, reliable resources can be limited. Many educators spend entirely too much time searching for standards-aligned resources, hunting and fishing for what they need, spending valuable time digging instead of teaching students. Created by teachers for teachers, here’s a new cool tool – Follett’s Curriculum Tags. Simple yet helpful and efficient when planning curriculum or searching for the best resources to support a lesson, they’re designed to help teachers and librarians quickly find the best quality educational materials relevant to instructional practice. Once logged in to Follett’s Titlewave® (access is FREE; just sign up; you only pay for what you order) you simply search for a topic to efficiently and easily find real-world, exemplary content within targeted categories. Select resources from more than 5,400 educational publishers and trade publishers; the tags on the resource tell you immediately what standards the resource supports and ensure you find the perfect fit. Beyond helping teachers find new content by Lexile®, author, or theme, or to see how titles they have align with their curriculum, the tags on each book cover or image go beyond the what of content to inform educators how books can be used instructionally—what skills they support. Many titles carry multiple tags, so teachers can see several applications of a given title. They also allow users to easily identify titles with one or more free downloadable resources, such as graphic organizers, questions to build comprehension, extension or writing activities, and quizzes to support implementation of best practices. Log in to Follett’s Titlewave, click on the Curriculum Tags bar and you’re off and running. Also accessible through Follett’s Destiny Library Manager, Aspen SIS, and Follett Shelf. Have a look.

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