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CREDIT ClassBundlBuying school supplies can be a hassle. While kids might love going to the store, parents are stuck with the task of making sure they choose the right things from the supply list. That’s where ClassBundl comes in. They make school supplies easy for parents and reward schools for simply participating. Using the school’s existing supply lists, ClassBundl’s team builds the supply list on using name brand products that match the school’s list. During the summer, parents can purchase all of the right school supplies for their kids in a few clicks and have the supplies shipped to their doorstep — for free. They are partnering with K-12 schools and school districts across the country at no charge—and the school gets 5% back to help buy school supplies for their school, teachers or students. To get started, schools (or the PTO) supply ClassBundl with their most updated school supply list. Then, ClassBundl provides all of the marketing materials to the school to tell parents about it once school dismisses for the summer. During the summer, parents purchase ClassBundls from their smartphone, tablet or laptop. To sign your school up or for more information, email

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