Cool Tool | A Worldly Mind

CREDIT A Worldly MindHow worldly is your mind?  If you don’t know, there is an app that can help out – it’s called A Worldly Mind (available at GooglePlay and iTunes Stores). A quick reference, it quite possibly has more countries and geographic elements than any other app available. More than a cool atlas, it has country maps and regional location maps to go with a ton of quiz questions (over 2,300) to keep you sharp. Next time you hear a big news story in one of the ‘stans (there are at least 7 countries with that suffix) just open the app and bam! you have 22 items about the country. Click a web link to have even more. And it’s all free. One of the most comprehensive World Geography apps for Education, it doesn’t cost schools a single cent. Instead, it employs a FreeToHelpOut model where the user is asked to take an action, for example, to try out another app or game to help pay the developers. Then the developers can make enhancements and apps to really change education apps. With no cost, no limits, no advertisements, it’s worth a look.

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