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CREDIT newrownew row has recently launched one of the first education mobile app for iOS and Android devices that allows more than 25 students and instructors to video conference in an online classroom while simultaneously using interactive learning tools. By extending the visual learning environment beyond video conferencing, newrow_ for education gives users access to a suite of interactive mobile features including live, on-screen file annotation, moderated text chat, breakout session chats, as well as storage capacity to create a library of videos and resources for after-class studying. The app’s classroom management capabilities allow instructors, to monitor the class, hold live polls and use video/audio highlights to create more captivating presentations and develop effective online learning environments. The application also integrates with existing Learning Management Systems (LMS), including Blackboard, Canvas and Brightspace. newrow_ for education (formerly Watchitoo) gives educators a powerful and convenient way to engage today’s mobile-first student population and enhance the online learning experience. Check it out.

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