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CREDIT ReImaginED2015 David HanesNewSchools Seed Fund recently announced its ReImaginED deck, which highlights recent trends in education and edtech. The slide deck includes statistics and analysis that paint a picture of U.S.’s youths’ opportunities in education and the workforce, such as:

– Only 8% of students in the lowest income bracket get a college degree within 6 years;

– 81% graduation rate among students except among minorities, who make up 59% of 9th-12th grade dropouts, but are only 38% of the population;

– In 40 years, spending per student has doubled but achievement has not.

Edtech investing reached $643 million in 2014 (a 37% increase from 2013), demonstrating the real potential for tools and applications that address the needs of teachers, schools, students, and parents. ReImaginEd highlights some of the edtech companies that offer solutions to address these needs, like the ability to analyze student data, enable teacher-to-parent communication and easily track and submit expenses. It also highlights areas that are still under-represented in edtech, such as ESL. Download the ReImaginED deck at:

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