Cool Tool | eTextbooks from Amazon

CREDIT Amazon eTextbookFor those of us who went through college lugging textbooks around campus, there is now a better way: eTextbooks from Amazon. Students can take their entire library on their mobile devices by using the free Kindle reading app (available on iOS, Android, PC, Mac). Whether students have a laptop, iPad, smartphone, or Fire tablet, their eTextbook and digital notes and highlights can read across all of their devices. A student can start reading on their laptop and finish on their tablet with Whispersync technology that enables them to pick up where they left off. eTextbooks from Amazon also come equipped with interactive features from multi-colored highlighting, X-Ray that displays summaries of key concepts in a single tap, including other related content in the book and Wikipedia or YouTube content, to digital flash cards. Titles with X-Ray enable students to auto-generate flash cards of a chapter’s terms without ever having to pick up an index card or turn a page. Students carry less, save time and study smarter. Learn more

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