Cool Tool | KUBI

CREDIT KUBI imageKUBI is a telepresence robot that delivers a simple and elegant solution for more engaging video conferencing and distance learning. Japanese for neck, it’s a flexible, affordable robotic platform that holds any tablet. This enables remote students or teachers to make the tablet pan and tilt, letting them look around and interact with others during video calls. It transforms the remote student from a passive listener to an active participant within the group, as that student can now easily engage with anyone in the room. Be they higher education or K-12, students now have the means to meaningfully participate in class remotely. Not only can the student look around to see who is asking a question, they can engage in small group discussions as well. This is an enormous step forward, especially for distance students or students that need to be out of class for extended periods of time due to medical or other issues. KUBI also makes it easy for outside experts to deliver distance lectures and other presentations. At $499, this educational technology can be put in each classroom, letting remote students easily “teleport” from one class to another, whether the Kubi is next door or on a different campus. Check it out.

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