Cool Tool | Noodle Partners and Rossier

CREDIT Rossier

Noodle Partners has teamed up with the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education to launch a new tutoring service for students in grades K-12 and lifelong learners at all levels. Now anyone looking for a tutor can get one from a top-tier university. The program uses Noodle Partners’ technology platform, which provides a complete tutoring experience both online and in person. A digital marketplace matches learner needs to tutor skills and facilitates scheduling, management, and performance tracking. Integrated services such as virtual whiteboarding, document sharing, and video conferencing enable tutors and learners to interact online. The platform was designed specifically for online tutoring and allows flipped model learning, which many students and teachers find more engaging. One With USC Rossier is spearheaded by one of the leading education schools in the country. The program matches experienced and specially trained tutors initially from the USC Rossier Master of Arts in Teaching program. Tutors will eventually be based all over the world and will offer academic coaching in a growing number of subjects.


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