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CREDIT AdmittedlyAdmittedly is an online college advisory platform that seamlessly allows high school students, their parents, and guidance counselors to collaborate on the site. The platform utilizes matching algorithms similar to those on dating sites like and OkCupid to match students to ideal schools for them based on their answers to fun personality questions that gauge their interests, academic goals, and location preferences. The site then categorizes each match school into Reach, Target, and Safer categories and presents the data in a fun, interactive, way integrating with other sites such as Instagram for continuously updating images of campus life. Students can then utilize a variety of college prep curriculum tools customized for each student based on their grade and time of year that help students understand the process, manage deadlines, and perfect their applications. Parents and counselors can monitor their students’ progress and can message them directly through the site. Admittedly is a completely free platform for students and parents and has both free and paid accounts for counselors. In the 11 months since the site launched in October 2013, more than 100,000 students have utilized the platform in addition to several community-based organizations and major school districts. Check it out.

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