Cool Tool | Edmodo for Parents App

CREDIT Edmodo for Parents appEdmodo has reinvented the way parents can be involved in their child’s education with the new Edmodo for Parents App. Historically, they provided parents with parent account access, but the app does even more to bolster teacher-parent and parent-student interaction. Built with teacher feedback, it provides a simple and intuitive way to stay in the know on a child’s learning activities, and gives parents something they can access on-the-go and on their schedule. Additionally, it enables parents to better support their child’s academic efforts and receive important announcements and updates from teachers for optimal learning outcomes. Available for free in the iTunes and Google Play stores, the app features a Student Activity feed, showing upcoming or overdue homework; completed and submitted assignments; and any lessons, quizzes, or events that are due or upcoming. Similarly, the Teacher Announcement feed keeps parents in the loop on important news from the classroom. Teacher Lynn Woods says of the app: “I can easily communicate with my students’ parents and know that they’re invested in supporting their child’s learning efforts, which makes me feel that I have an extended team I can work with to help my students reach their goals.” Worth a look.

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