Cool Tool | Bring Science Alive!

CREDIT Teach TCILaunched with the 2014-15 school year, Bring Science Alive! from Teach TCI combines hands-on learning with technology. Students use interactive tutorials, notebook prompts, and assessments that build on one another, gaining a complete understanding of concepts – all from a fun, inviting and intuitive interface, accessible from any device. Teachers have easy-to-implement presentations, clear standards-alignment information, step-by-step tutorials – and are supported with orientations, webinars, how-to videos and an online feedback forum. Districts using TCI products consistently see test scores that exceed statewide averages. While data for brand-new Bring Science Alive! are not yet available, common feedback heard in field tests are “That’s cool!” and “Can we keep doing this after lunch?” This enriching instruction is reinvigorating educators’ passion for teaching while actively engaging students in learning and propelling them to new heights. Check it out.

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