Cool Tool | EVO 40 Cart

CREDIT LockNChargeK-12 mobile device management specialist LocknCharge launched this new syncing and charging cart specifically designed for iPad devices for back to school. The EVO 40 Cart is smartly designed to meet the needs of iPad, iPad Air or iPad Mini device collections in school environments. Schools can store, sync, charge, secure and transport as many as 40 devices in this large cart, which is available through the Apple Education Store. Efficient charging makes for more productive iPads and ensures they are ready when students need them. The cart can charge up to 40 devices simultaneously. Once the devices are charged, they need to be synced. Efficient syncing means more time to teach and learn. Using iTunes or Apple Configurator on a Mac computer, the EVO 40 Cart can sync up to 40 iPad devices simultaneously. Modular and mobile, it includes removable iQ 16 Sync Charge Boxes, allowing syncing and charging to be done almost anywhere, independently of the cart. The iQ 16 Sync Charge Box has an intelligent power management system that automatically stages the availability of power to each port, preventing circuit overloads and protecting the school’s devices, which means less expenditures for cash-strapped schools and less headaches for already overworked school district technology teams. Check it out.

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