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CREDIT EventTrackerLike pre-cogs from Spielberg’s Minority Report, EventTracker Enterprise enables organizations to be constantly aware of potential security risks, and internal or external threats can be identified and eliminated — before they are exploited. Educational institutions face unique security challenges due to their open networks, essential for facilitating a collaborative exchange of information and ideas. Since easy access has to be provided, university networks can be vulnerable to hackers and other malicious activities. Students also frequently engage in activities like instant messaging and file sharing that have the potential of attracting additional threat. This solution offers a unique, flexible and cost effective automated continuous monitoring solution that meets a university’s information and network security requirements. Features enable school and campus IT staff and personnel to continuously monitor their environment in real time, for a preventative approach, or in a forensic capacity to analyze what activity has occurred. The end result is a robust, customizable monitoring solution that utilizes best practices for determining risk and preventing incidents to give schools the confidence that data center information is secure. No sci-fi here, it works right now.

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