Trends | Software Defined Networking

CREDIT Meru NetworksAs more educational institutions transition to an all wireless network, software-defined networking (SDN) and OpenFlow are emerging as an effective way to bring new levels of agility to organizations beyond the data center where SDN first gained traction. For a particular good example, Meru’s SDN solution addresses the top network related challenges that organizations face by providing reliable access to educational materials, applications and online resources, whether they’re being accessed from a computer or mobile device. One of the only wireless LAN vendors to have received OpenFlow conformance, they’re playing a major role in the advancement of SDN and how it impacts educational institutions for the better. Benefits of their SDN-enabled 802.11ac Wi-Fi include end-to-end application quality of service (QoS), single-pane-of glass management of the unified wired and wireless network, with policy automation, as well as support for multi-vendor solutions through the ability to mix and match best-of-breed solutions. Interestingly, these benefits allow K-12 and higher education institutions to onboard hundreds of mobile devices at the same time without connectivity problems, giving teachers and professors confidence to deploy online resources and curricula to engage students through interactive learning. Bottom line: with the best solution, students can take advantage of secure, uninterrupted and fast Wi-Fi from anywhere on campus.

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