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CREDIT BridgeU imageA one-stop-shop for international students hoping to enroll in foreign traditional and online university programs, BridgeU is a Software-as-Service platform that matches students with the best university programs for them (weighing academic, cultural and psychometric indicators), positions students competitively as applicants, and manages the preparation and application process on their behalf. They also license their software platform to globally-minded secondary schools (due to double in number within the decade), enabling these schools to provide an improved university-advisory service with baked-in expertise and streamlining tools. Next year, according to what execs there have told EdTech Digest, they’ll build a data service for universities to use, to inform and refine their international marketing and recruiting efforts. After being accepted to Seedcamp, one of Europe’s top tech startup accelerators, in May, they had a soft-launch to students in June from their website. With users from more than 75 countries on their site, they’ve  signed several brand-name secondary schools to license their platform in the upcoming admissions cycles and have schools from 13 countries in their pipeline. In 2015, they’ll offer universities a tailored data reporting service. Check this out.

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