Cool Tool | Own it!

ownit teen courseOwn it! is a teen empowerment training course designed to teach high school and post-secondary students the mental, attitudinal and behavioral skills to be successful in school and in life. Designed in a rich, online gaming format, students earn 10 badges while learning life skills presented through videos and choose-your-own-outcome activities. The course content is based on the works of Dennis Deaton, author of Ownership Spirit: The One Grand Key That Changes Everything Else. Throughout the course, students answer questions to establish learning strengths, preferences and skill levels related to life and career readiness standards. The data collected is used to build a profile that summarizes the student results. Students access their progress daily, and once completed with all 10 ten training units, receive access to their profile, a certificate of completion and a letter of recommendation. Own it! was designed to increase student motivation and retention that ultimately improves student outcomes. Educational partners receive access to student portfolios using linked web reports. The final portfolio provides valuable feedback for the student, and serves as a report allowing teachers, counselors and parents the opportunity to support the learning strengths, weaknesses and preferences. See it for yourself.

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