Cool Tool | Grammarly

CREDIT GrammarlyGrammarly is a leading online application for perfecting English writing. Its online spell and grammar checking application helps users find and correct English writing issues. Its powerful algorithms check for more than 250 types of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, enhance vocabulary usage and suggest citations. It’s available as a web application and Microsoft Word Add-in. Also, a free Chrome Extension was recently launched that grammar and spell check your online writing from emails to Facebook messages. This extension will be available for other browsers as well. With over four million users, the application’s main users are students and teachers. Grammarly’s software shows specific and actionable comments so students can understand and correct mistakes in their writing assignments. As they notice the reoccurrence of the same errors, they have an opportunity to identify and break bad habits. Classroom teachers also appreciate its time-saving components, including the plagiarism checker. Within just a few moments, educators can verify that a document is original and offer detailed feedback about writing mistakes. Grammarly has obvious applications in the classroom, but teachers and students are not the only ones who use its automatic grammar checking capabilities. Bloggers check their posts, Tweets, and Facebook communications with Grammarly. Professional writers customize what writing corrections are flagged by selecting one of the 30 available document types. Very cool tool! Check it out.

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