Cool Tool | Herokins

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 9.34.49 PMHerokins celebrate the adventure of learning by bringing traditional storytelling to life and strengthening family bonds. This new children’s education line is composed of a Bluetooth-enabled wearable action figure and mobile app that harness the power of intrinsic motivation and turn teachable moments into fun joint parent-child adventures. Herokins reshape children’s understanding of chores, safety lessons, and healthy habits through interactive StoryQuests. The action figures – McRed and Dr. Rose – easily sync to the accompanying mobile app, which includes a library of StoryQuests to choose from. Each 5-10 minute StoryQuest implements the latest findings in child development research to make learning life lessons positive and entertaining. Each Herokin comes equipped with LED lights and a speaker through which it speaks to the child throughout the story by asking questions and prompting actions. By design, Herokins are a companion learning tool, rather than an authoritative learning device. Children empathize with their Herokin as they solve problems together. Additionally, the child’s behavior and choices impact the storyline, creating a truly personalized learning experience. Herokins are available now for pre-sale on Indiegogo and will be available on Amazon and through specialty retailers in time for — dare we say it while it’s still July — the holidays.

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