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CREDIT PanoptoHere is a video platform that enables schools and universities to record lectures, flip classrooms, capture student recordings, and create a secure, searchable library of all their video assets. Panopto runs on any PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device, enabling institutions to scale any video initiative – capturing video in lecture halls and classrooms of any size, as well as recording micro-lectures from faculty offices, at home, and in the field. And with Smart Search – Panopto’s unique video search engine, included standard – students can instantly find and fast-forward to any word spoken or shown on-screen in any video, helping them to seek out specific topics covered in lectures and review materials in preparation for tests and quizzes. Their flexible video learning technology opens possibilities for fostering interactive classrooms, offering enhanced resources for revision and study, and ultimately, improving students’ academic engagement and achievement. As one of the fastest growing lecture capture solutions at leading universities, Panopto offers academic institutions a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for recording lessons, webcasting events, managing video, and more. Privately-held, Panopto was founded in 2007 by technology entrepreneurs and software design veterans at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science. Learn more.

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