Trends | EdTech Goals, Progress, and Shifting Definitions  

CREDIT SIIA ETINAs revealed in the 2015 Vision K-20 Educator Survey Report conducted by the Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN) of SIIA, K-20 education institutions are making slow, but steady progress towards reaching their instructional and operational goals through the use of technology. Educators also reported needing more continuous access to adequate bandwidth and increased access to technology resources and training. Survey results also indicate the use of technology to manage student data has increased, and that educators use electronic data most often to track student performance and improve instruction. However, the report suggests that more training and access are needed to support educators’ use of individual student data. Also released by ETIN of SIIA, the Behind the Data Report shows a shift in the definition of an online course, which now includes any fully digital curriculum—even when delivered face-to-face in the classroom. The shifting definition partially explains a 320 percent increase in revenues from the previous year in the Online Course category of the PreK-12 Market Survey. Contributing factors that resulted in greater market acceptance for online courses include technology infrastructure, improved quality of online courses, curriculum gaps filled by online courses and real-market demand in niche areas.

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