Trends | Teachers Want More Tech Training

CREDIT SamsungA nationwide survey of K-12 teachers revealed that while schools are taking steps to bridge the digital divide by putting more technology into classrooms, more action must be taken to ensure that teachers know how to integrate it into their lessons. According to research conducted by Samsung Electronics America and GfK, while 90 percent of teachers believe that technology in the classroom is important to student success, 60 percent of teachers feel they are inadequately prepared. Other key findings include:

  • 91 percent of teachers believe that up-to-date training on using technology in the classroom is important to achieve success.
  • 37 percent of teachers say that they would “love” to use technology in the classroom, but they simply do not know how.
  • 32 percent are not satisfied with the support they receive from their schools in integrating technology into their classrooms.
  • 76 percent say they would like a professional development day dedicated to technology during the school year when students would not be present.

“With the increasing popularity of Chromebooks, tablets, interactive whiteboards and apps in classrooms today, it’s evident that technology is a critical tool for today’s learners,” says Ted Brodheim, VP of Vertical Business at Samsung Electronics America. “However, our new research highlights that teachers are not yet receiving full support to harness the power of technology and truly transform classroom learning into a 21st century experience,” he adds. Learn more.

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