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CREDIT RefMEIt’s no secret that technology is making students’ lives easier than ever before (the edtech industry alone is expected to receive more than 2B in funding in 2015). In preparation for back-to-school, we wanted to share some top mobile apps you may see in the classroom, library and home this fall.

  • RefME is a free tool that eliminates the most miserable part of drafting a term paper: writing bibliographies by hand. The platform allows students and researchers to create citations and bibliographies in a matter of seconds – in fact, and in addition to their mobile app, RefME recently launched a WebClipper extension for Safari and Chrome user, making citing any source as easy as hitting the “like” button on Facebook. Nearly one million students have used RefME to automate citations in more than 7,000 academic formats since it launched in September 2014.
  • My Study Life. The free My Study Life app replaces any paper planner by keeping track of your workload across multiple platforms and devices. Manage your classes with week and day timetables, keep track of tasks and exams in the cloud and receive notifications to keep you up to date for exams and classes.
  • Duolingo. The Duolingo app is an addictive, fun way for students to learn a new language. Duolingo pairs new words with pictures much like the Rosetta Stone versions do, only the app is completely free with no ads to get in your way.
  • Khan Academy. More than 4,200 educational videos on Khan Academy let you learn about anything you want, from math and computing to music and the college admissions process. You can even prep for the SAT.
  • Brainly, is one of the world’s largest social learning networks for students, to help each other get unstuck with their homework problems. The social learning network announced a $9 million funding round in October 2014.

Certainly, there are hundreds more. Let us know your thoughts on some of your favorites. Meanwhile, check out this infographic on Student Research Trends.

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